Who Are We?

And How Can We Help You And Your Business Grow?

About Us

Communication with clients is time-critical. Reminders, marketing messages and customer service messages all have a defined time period after which they are no longer useful. Excellent communication is the edge that one business has over its rivals in a very competitive market. Good SMS usage is preferred by the majority of the UK's mobile phone carrying population because it's discrete, convenient and won't disturb you if you are in a meeting or otherwise engaged. It's also cheaper than a phone call and text messages can be delivered in bulk whereas a phone call requires additional staff members and additional calling fees.

Ready-To-Use Applications

Respond quickly to changes and challenges. Our pre-built solutions resolve many business demands quickly and easily. We can also craft quality solutions to meet our customers' needs. We constantly innovate, consistently leading the industry.

Absolute Customer Focus

We are a British company, the world's first, original commercial text messaging service. Using unproven suppliers is a business risk. No-one else has our deep, long history and experience. We fully comply with UK and EU data protection laws. We also will not harvest, resell or profiteer from your client data.

You can depend on us. We promise client satisfaction levels of 100%. We offer free support on a standard cost telephone line.